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Wood working and Refinishing

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Wood working and refinishing is a fine art,

I started back in Junior High school 40 years ago

and continued to make it part of my profession.

Below are some samples of my work

Wood refinishing

I would like to say that I built this beautiful wall unit,

but the fact is it was built by someone else years ago.

I had the pleasure of refinishing the wood

and bring it back to life.

After many hours of sanding, staining and clear coating I am very pleased with the way it came out.

Wood refinishing

These cabinets were built in place and built very well.

They were all stained with a very dark brown stain.

I sanded them down to make them lighter and did some extra sanding on the doors to make them 2 toned.

I then stained them with a light stain to enhance the colors and clear coated them.

The results are a beautiful set of hard wood cabinets.

Wood working and refinishing

You may have seen these pictures on my 

customer testimonial page

We custom made these wood doors for under the 

stairs with the angles to have them follow the stair line.

We then white washed them (which is a form of staining)

to enhance the wood grain

and made them blend the color of the wall.

This customer was very happy with the results

and wrote us a very nice review.

Wood refinishing

This customer was looking to refresh the cabinets.

We sanded the old finish and re-stained these cabinets.

She didn't want a shiny look, so we completed these cabinets with a non-glossy clear coat.

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