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The DIYer

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The DIYer

by Artie Wallace

is my first book featuring real DIYer projects

for the everyday person

To buy "The DIYer by Artie Wallace"


Rockaways Handyman will deduct the cost of the book ($19.99)

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So you end up just paying for the shipping.

(The $19.99 deduction can only be used once.

You must have the book available when paying your invoice)

I am currently working on my second book

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The DIYer by Artie Wallace

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"The DIYer"

Is a weekly article

I wrote for

The Rockaway Times and

The North Shore Local

(two local news papers) 

for almost 3 years


A weekly article

I wrote for

The Dollar Stretcher

(an online media)

for 2 years

Every week or so I will be featuring one of my past articles or videos.

Save this page and check back every week or so to see the latest update.

Bathroom vanities By Artie Wallace

Now anyone can go out and spend a small fortune on a vanity, or you can get creative. This is a project for a high level DIYer or to hire someone for.

When you get down to the basics, a vanity is nothing more than a cabinet with space for the plumbing. 

There are a lot of old or antique looking dressers around, you may have to shop around to find one that you really like. That can be your next vanity.

Here's how you do it, start off by removing the top by carefully cutting around the perimeter of the dresser. Then be sure to reinforce the perimeter using 2 by 3’s (2 by 4’s for larger dressers).

Then you remove the face from the top draws (or side draws depending on how your lying your top) to allow space for the piping. Leave any draws that will not be in the way intact.

Now it is time to refinish the outside. On wood dressers you can sand and refinish them, or you can paint your dresser to match the decor of your bathroom. Once you refinish the outside it is time to put it back together. For the draw faces you removed, simply secure a 1 by 2 vertically across the opening where it came from, then secure the draw face to the 1 by 2. Do this from the inside of the dresser.

Now for the final step you will need to make a hole (or a few holes depending on the layout) in the back for the plumbing. This can be done with a hole saw or by cutting a square hole with a jigsaw or circular saw.

Bathroom vanities By Artie Wallace

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